About Us

Livingstone school of nursing was opened in 1957, at that time the institution used to train Enrolled Nurses. In 1999, the institution stopped training enrolled nurses and converted to a Registered Nursing training school. To date the school is still offering the Registered Nursing Programme.
In July 2013, a Registered Midwifery Program was introduced. The institution has also been allowed to start training HIV Nurse Practioners in January 2014.
The teachers at the institution are referred to as tutors; the head of the institution is the principal tutor. There are 10 tutors. The tutors are trained at the University of Zambia school of Medicine and hold either Bachelor’s degrees in Nursing and or Masters of Nursing Sciences) there are 6 clinical instructors (Qualified as RN/RM).

  • 2 Accountants ( NATEC level), 1 Secretary (certificate level), 2 Librarian (Bachelor’s degrees level), 2 Assistant librarians( diploma level). It also has 1 Housekeeper, 4 Cooks, 4 Maids and 2 Outdoor workers